About American Medical Associates

As a Primary Care Provider, Ehreema Nadir, MD has been practicing in the East Valley for over 15 years. American Medical Associates (AMA) was officially established in 2012 as a medical clinic strictly under Dr. Nadir and Dr. Khan. They grew the practice from one patient into a multi-specialty healthcare center offering a wide range of services. Our focus mainly is to care for the geriatric population or patients with chronic and debilitating health conditions. Being a full-time hospitalist, Dr. Nadir is in the front line on medical issues that stem in our community. Our Providers gain experience in multi-faceted healthcare issues and take a proactive approach to practicing Preventative Medicine. We provide a holistic approach to medicine encompassing your whole body with Physical, Mental and Emotional well-being in mind and offer advanced treatment strategies.

Our Staff

  Javid Farooqi, Chief Operating Officer

  Raheel Khawaja, Clinical Manager

  Mary “Missy” Galinas, Billing Manager

  Jazmin Cervantes, Front Desk Supervisor (bilingual)

  Nancy Garcia – Billing  Coordinator

  Nisha Henderson – Medical Assistant

  Traniece Greer – Medical Assistant

  Haley Fontaine –

Front Desk Receptionist

  Sharmane Solomon – Referral Coordinator

  Omar Eldessouki – Medical Assistant




  Lindsey Garcia – Front Office Receptionist – Maricopa

  Alex Lerma, Medical Assistant – Maricopa

  Misty Gonzales, Medical Assistant – Chandler


  Deanna Helgason – Registered Nurse – Nephrology

  Stacy Hernandez– CCM Coordinator

  Bonnie Fonner – Assistant Manager/HR Coordinator

  Zach Rizzo – Marketing/Software Engineer