Vitalize Med Spa (VMS)

VMS is a full-service Medical Spa offering exclusive treatments to help you look and feel your best. We offer a wide range of services including advanced skin services, laser hair removal and much more. Our expert Aestheticians make people feel beautiful inside and out.

We offer personalized attention to every individual so that they can achieve their desired results with confidence. We provide world-class treatment with an emphasis on customer service excellence and maintaining constant innovations to be the most sought-after medical spa provider in Chandler AZ. We strive to go above and beyond med spa industry standards leaving you with a remarkable experience.

Vitalize Med Spa (VMS) is owned and operated by Physicians and was established initially to give the patients the opportunity to feel great from both a Medical and Aesthetic perspective.


Vitalize Infusion Center (VIC)

VIC was officially established in 2020 as an extension from our Internal Medicine Clinic and our Med Spa after relocating to the new building in Chandler, AZ. As part of the Vitalize Nation, VIC offers a variety of IV Vitamin Therapies specifically for Hydration, Immunity, Stamina, Energy, Metabolism, Skin Rejuvenation and Mental Health. We also offer other products and services including IV Antibiotic treatments and Prescription Medications that can only be prescribed by Physicians.


Vitalize Weight Management (VWM)

is a medically driven weight management program that incorporates medicine, exercise, diet and vitamin/peptide therapy to help our patients achieve the desired weight they want.